Draw The Web

While reading a web page sometimes you need to take notes or underline some words but it is hard to do it.Open notpad or something like it.Now with MarkUp you can draw pages whichever you want.

MarkUp lets you draw web pages with various of tools.You can take notes,underline words or shaped a section.You don't need to download or install anything.MarkUp works on your browser you just need to bookmark the MarkUp page then you can express yourself in any page you want.

After bookmark the site you can click it then draw page that you surf.

Search For Green

There are so many serach engine options.Some of them let you help enviorment while you are searching.There are 5 search engine services we can use easily.


For every 1000 searches, Ecocho grows two trees. Ecocho is concerning to Yahoo and %30 of their revenue goes to running costs.


Forestle is developed to protect the rain forest and it uses Yahoo’s search technology. You can see your saved area with a mouse click.


Blackle is using a black background and has Google concept. By using a black background it saves 750 megawatt hours per year.

Eco-find:Eco-find uses black background and google search motor.


Site is for indexing Eco, Environmental or Green focussed web sites.

If your message number increases day by day,It will get hard to control your blog.I will write some useful WordPress management plugins and administrative add-ons.

You can see statics of banners and ads on your website.

genki pre-publish reminder:It is reminder.You can forget your signature or tags or your seo issues.This plugin make you warn for these.

google sitemaps generator:Plugin generate a Xml site map that is supported by Ask.com, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search etc.

Site Unavailable:If you change your site template or take it underconstruction you can use this plugin.

FireStats:It is let you know statistics of your blog and source of your visitors

How Fast Your Blog

Load Speed of your site is one of the important issues.Visitors don't wait long loading sites and Google considers loading speed when ranks the sites.Slow sites get less visitors and earn less.You need to check your site loading speed and find why it is slow.There are so many web services to analyze your site.I mention about useful and free services.

Gtmetrix:You just need to enter your url and let it analyze your site.Membership is not necessary.

Load Impact:It like Gtmetrix and there is also paid services option.

Pingdom:You can test loading speeds of all the objects on your web site.

Site-Perf:It downloads and loads all the images of a browser, css, js files and other downloads and you can see how long it lasts.

WebWait:Site check your site with your coonection speed.

WebSlug: Site allows you to compare with your competitors site.

Find Videos Easily on Facebook

It is hard to find a video that you watch via facebook because there is no video search engine for facebook.Facetofind works for finding videos on facebook.Facetofind enables to watch and download million of videos which you can find in Facebook.For downloading you don't require different programs.

You just need to write name of video which you are looking and find,wathc and share it.

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