How Fast Your Blog

Load Speed of your site is one of the important issues.Visitors don't wait long loading sites and Google considers loading speed when ranks the sites.Slow sites get less visitors and earn less.You need to check your site loading speed and find why it is slow.There are so many web services to analyze your site.I mention about useful and free services.

Gtmetrix:You just need to enter your url and let it analyze your site.Membership is not necessary.

Load Impact:It like Gtmetrix and there is also paid services option.

Pingdom:You can test loading speeds of all the objects on your web site.

Site-Perf:It downloads and loads all the images of a browser, css, js files and other downloads and you can see how long it lasts.

WebWait:Site check your site with your coonection speed.

WebSlug: Site allows you to compare with your competitors site.