Increase Your Traffic With Facebook

Bloggers want to get traffic their blogs.They give ads,join communities to appeal to more and more reader.Every blogger dream of a blog that is known all over the world.They use technorati or digg their writings.Visit pages to earn Ec or built a community on mybloglog.

Esspecialy;there is a way to make your advertistment free.Its name is Facebook.You can be suprised because there is a only 236 active user this application.On your facebook profile you can show your blog posts and attract your friends or anybody.Many users of that app said that their traffic increased commonly.Don't waste your time it is so simple.You just get app to your profile and it is automaticly publish your post.

750 EC Contest

You must hear entrecard.If you don't it is an ad site that you can earn credit and give ads to sites.Many sites begin to make contests which give entrecard credit as prize.

I make announcement of new contes that will give 750 ec credit.John cow is the holder of contest.You just need to drop your card and send a comment.Good luck everyone.

Cut Your Blog With KWOUT

Kwout is the tool that lets you cut any blog or page.You like a blog,paste its link to kwout and where would you like.You can paste pics that provided from other blogs or yours can be put by html and code is created by kwout.

Sample of kwout is here,i recommended that tool,it is useful and too simple to use.

Generate Own Wordpress Template

Are you user of wordpress.Wordpress is getting more and more famous as web2.0.Everyday thousands of new bloggers start to write on new page and most of them choose wordpress or blogger.This writing is about wordpress users who are rookie.They generally use common templates that were created by others.This site offers you to build your own template.Lets listen site owner about system:

Because I “do stuff-with-internet” I am frequently asked if I can create a blog for friends. Eventually I always end up with the same default theme (Kubrick). Just because I don’t have time to make a unique theme everytime.
Somehow nobody ever created a theme generator where you click & try a few colors, a nice layout, tabs, titles, logo, and end up with something nice!

So here we are many hours later: WordPress Theme Generator.
It lets you design a complete theme (with widget support), save to a .zip file, extract and upload. Easy & Fast. No need for CSS or PHP knowledge. Let me know your comments, so I can improve (if needed).

If you want to create your own design it is your way

Hello Web

Hello Web.I just try to watch the web and share my experiments.I like to blogging and ve blogged since 3 years but for 6 months i did not write anywhere.My rewieves can be read in my blog.I hope everybody to have a Happy New Year.See you soon.