World First Blog Magazine:Bloghology

Worlds first blog magazine bloghology is published.Owner of Mert Erkal and Vasilis Pasparas are head editors and creaters of magazine.You can reach digital format of bloghology online for no charge.It is published PDF format for online and if you want to purchase printed magazine there is fee that is 20 Euro for Europe and 30 Euro for others and it includes cargo fees.

To get free copy of bloghology you just need to subscribe site and then begin to read.

Contest Results and Ecard Problem

My contest finished and i chose winners but there is problem for Entre Card credits because of account deletion.My Entrecard account was gone and so all credits are away so i can't give any credits.

I try to handle Ecard problem by giving a month blogroll link all participants except Ad spot winners.

Kranjcarz won 1 month ad spot

Arseniy and John Doro won 2 weeks ad spots

Others get blogroll for a month.

All you need to send me your link and 125 ad spots to get your prize.

You can contact me at

Simple Wysiwyg Editors For Jquery

Wysiwyg editors make easy to create content or editing your blog but there is perfect java programing knowladge necessity to build a Wysiwyg editor.Wordpress has a really detailed Wysiwyg editor and to add editors to your blog is trying job.

There is a easy way to build editors for jquery with the Extra package building a editor change into 3 -4 minutes programming.With a small file size less than 26Kb total and only 18Kb of code and 7Kb packed you can have a editor that has much less features.

GO for more information and download plugin

Refer For ASK2Link Get 20 Dollar Cash

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After i write about Ask2link my referer count increase immediately.There is improtant for referer syste you can earn 20 bucks per referal.It is the best price for blogsphere and you can get more by refering more people.

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Sell Text Lİnks ASK2Link

Earn money from your website/blog by, selling text links, banner ads - Advertisers can, buy links, from your blog for SEO. Get paid through PayPal

Ask2link is an online making money way by selling text links.For beginners its hard to get approved by Text Link Ads but Ask2link prefer websites with minimum PageRank 1, or with Alexa Rank under 2,000,000 so it is suitable for beginners.

You sell ad spaces for text links and get paid via paypal.Text link ads not only increase your blog traffic but also raise your blog's Google PageRank.You can buy text links higher PR blogs and sell for lower.You get money for Pr,Alexa Ranking and etc.

They support websites and blogs in various programming languages:

They have %50 pay ratio for final amount.What is it mean?You sell your space for 10 bucks and get 5$.It is not good but there şs a good news.They have only 10 dollar payment limit rather than 100 so you can get your money quickly.

There is also a referal program.If you refer a new publisher or a new advertisers you will earn $20.00 for every new active user you refer with minimum purchase of 50.00$.They also let you set your own price. Income

Fxlayer is a passive way of making money online.You just register and put a java code to your blog and make money.International Webmaters are welcome so you can join where you are.

They pay to 0.50$ per 1000 View Layers.It is a good ratio and you can make about 15 bucks for a month without a referal.There is a affiliates system.You earn %10 per your referal income.

One IP only can view only 1 for 24 hours.They have 2 dollars payout limit.Site pays via paypal and E-gold.There is a %5 fee for E-gold.FxLayer also accepts views from Paid To Promote programs and other systems.

Fxlayers accepts website for all category.They also accept world wide traffic.You can make money over the world. - earn money

Do You Like Magic? Browser Hack

Do you like magic?Now we will make magic and get an paypal account that filled 1 million dollar.Yep you read correct 1 million or 2 its up to your fantasy.New hack name's is Browser Hack.You can edit a page which you want to.You can create 1 million $ paypal account or adsense.

You just paste your address line
javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0 and go for surf.Now you can edit your page with your fantasy.Browser Hack tells us that till now do not believe a paypal account or adsense income thats can be only in dreams.I try it for Firefox so no idea about other browsers.

Contets increase generally blogs traffic.People love to get free staff and after being paid i decided to hold a contest for my blog.Winners will be chosen random and more tickets bring you more chance.

First of all prizes are;

1 125 ad for 1 month
2 125 ad for 2 weeks
1 750 Entrecard Credits
2 500 Entrecard Credits

How do you join my contest?

Joining Linkbucks,Cashcrate,Fxlayer for each 25 credits
Blogging about contest 20 credits
Joining Easy-Ptr,No-minimum and subscribe email feed for each 10 credits
Comment to this post 1 credit.

Deadline is 25th of september.You can post or mail me your subscribtions,125 ads will be given where 'Your Ad is here' box located.

Lucks everyone

My Income Report for 40 days

Best part of blogging is being paid by advertisers.My 40 days income report is enough for me and i really like it.New money making opportunities make my income raise.I get totaly 98.23 $


Performancing Ads: 10$

AdToll : 2 $

Adbrite: 4.12 $

SponsoredReviews : 6 $

Bidvetiser: 2.12 $

Linkbucks:7 $ for 20 days

Cashcrate :2.23 $

East-ptr: 1.12 $

Nominimum : 1.02 $

Project Wonderful
:20.18 $

LinkBucks Makes You Rich!!

Linkbucks is a great money making opportunity.You can sell links from your blog and get money.You just create a paying link, paste the code on your website, and watch the money add up as people click on your links.

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There are 2 types of ads.You can get intermission or Top Banner.Intermission ads show up before the page you linked. Since these ads bring more views, you get paid more per view.Top Banner ads are displayed in a small top frame above the site you are linking to.

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There is a forum that you can ask for questions.

Ahmadinejad is a Blogger

Ahmadinejad who is the president of Iran is blogging about Iran's politicis.He blogged in 4 languages,English,Persian,Arabic and French.

Everyday in American media Iran blamed about nuclear weapon but U.S.A never talks about its or Israel's developed weapons.

You can write to Ahmadinejad and read his articles about politics.

After McCain attacked Obama over Paris Hilton andMc answers from Paris' mother get new scene.

United States of America has new president candidate.Paris challenges Mccain about president election.

She first change into white house to pink house and solves energy crises.Votes to Paris!!!

Make Money Online by Completing Offer

Cashcrate is the another online making money opportunity.You can make money by completing offers.Cashcrate pays you when you reach 10$.They make payment via check.

There is 2 level referral system.Site pays %20 for first referral and %10 for referrals of your referrals.You can make money also just referring.

To be accepted you must be at least 13 years old.Speaking English is an advantage but there is no obligation to sing up Cashcrate.Site also holds contest and gives prizes like 200$ or iphone.

They pay you after a month when you reach 10$ limit.For example you earn 20$ at august they pay you at Sept.

Offers include good opportunities to make money and some of them really pay high charges to completing online offers.Most of them is free.

You must join to this program to make real cash.


This the best and easy way to earn online.Revresponse offers you making money online by offering your audience free applications.When they subscribe offers you earn money.

Site also have affiliate marketing.You will earn %20 for your referrals' earnning first 6 months.

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Be quick and join this offer.


Make Money with Performancing Ads


Performancing Ads is a new advertisment company online.This is useful for Php based blogs(wordpress etc.).You can earn with it easily by selling your 125*125 ads.

You can also buy advertisments and get more traffic.

There is also affiliates program life long.You will get 10$ for each referral and life-long earning by advertiser when they buy new ads.

For earn 10 bucks referral must put ads for 1 month.You can join now and earn easily .

Nba Live 2009 and Fifa 2009 Trailers

Ea sports reveal Nba Live 2009 Trailers.There is a also first scenes of Fifa 2009.
NBA LiVE 2009

Fifa 2009


Nasa Found Water On Mars

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander have found water on Mars surface.According to Nasa Phoenix identifies vapors produced by the heating of samples.

Nasa also announced that ship mission is extended thorough 30 Sept.

More İnfo


xFruits is a interesting and unique service of web 2.Service has 11 bricks that let you compose all your info at one point for free.

You can mix your rss or change into your info pdf format or you can listen your rss.Srvice let you bring together your mails to Rss feed.

The service supplies :

Aggregator to Rss

Rss to Web

Rss to mobile

Rss to Pdf

Post to Rss

Rss to Mail

Rss to OPML

OPML to Mobile

Mail to Rss

Rss to Voice

Rss to MyBlog


Nasa Found Water On Saturn Moon

Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena that manages the Cassini-Huygens mission for NASA's announced that Cassini spacecraft found hydrocarbon and ethan on Titan Moon of Saturn.

As a result of that Titan is the first body that include liquid on its surface except Earth.Ethane and several other simple hydrocarbons have been identified in Titan's atmosphere.

For More İnfo: .


Advertise On Web Investigator

You can advertise on this blog.

You can contact me at

Only paypal is the accepted way to pay

For long time ads it is possible to price cut

For 125 ad spot(advertise here) 5$ per month.

Link ads 1$ for month.

Hire me for Blogging: 5$ per Entry
You can make your offer for other places!!!


Is SubDigg Coming

After Digg party at Chicago people talk about new digg feature:SubDigg

Jay Adelson announced that people can create their own sub diggs.Reddit or Mixx already has that feature and they are so successful.Windy Citizen is the source of rumours about sub digg.

It is useful for new bloggers or who has little friend circle on web.Offical announcment can be made in a few days.

Fellowship of the Logos

Logos are face of the brands and they make us remember brand easily but there is site that find something interesting.Logodesignlove find logos that are similiar.
You can find more similar logos at logodesignlove

Do You Need New Template For Blogger

Blogger's clasical template is not useful so blogger generally prefer free template to have a good looking. There is many free blogger or wordpress template sites available.I make a list to find a new template.

Blogging Tips
Bloger Buster
Free Blogger Templates
Gosu Blogger
Blogger Templates
XML Templates
Blog Crowds

İ Microblogging place is a new microblogging.It is smiliar to Twitter but you don't face problems which you faced on lets you create you online space.Main page of site shows new message and so it make easy to attract new readers.All users have RSS direction which suplied by feedburner.You can use your Open ID for the data is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license

Online Calculator

eCalc is a new feature of web 2.0.It lets you calculate online.There is a to type for calculating:Basic and Scientific.For Basic you make basic operations.Scientific feature is useful for more comlex calculations.You can convert units,Decimal to Fraction RPN or Algebraic calculations.It is also free to use.

If you don't know how to use calculator there is a also a demo video.


Rapidshare Changed

Rapidshare is the biggest filehostıng site on the web but there is a big fall its visitor number because of extreme changes.

But there is a new chaneges that gives you more advantages.For free users,uploading limit is 200 mb.Biggest change is you don not have to wait 1 hour after downloading a file and not go mad because of cats and dogs.

Great Paid To Blog:SnapBomb

SnapBomb is new paid to blog money maker on Net.You can earn by blogging.It lets you create a great buzz.

First of all they give a value to your blog and so you can earn depend on your blog's value.You do not have to belong a blog history google rank or something like them.They only affect your blog's value and so earning but don't worry your value uptades day by day so you can earn much more by developing your blog.

Blog marketing and Blog advertising never let new blogs to make money but your welcomed by SnapBomb.They pay you on 5th every month but 60 days must be past.They pay by paypal so it makes easy to get money.

Your writings

  • Must be original content written by yourself
  • Must be a minimum of 150 words, but keep in mind that advertisers will be rating your posts so quality and quantity are very important.
If you are spam be away from SnapBomb and they accept all countires.You can be also advertiser and get review for your blog or product.It is a growing buzz and get great name on blog marketing.

Google is the best search engine on the net and all bloggers want to be top.Seos try to make sites number one.It creates a great economy but you can not search google.

A Turkish programmer helps you to find your link for exact words in google.Google Position Finder is a search engine for google.

It is available for Turkish,English,Spanish,German and French.You can search your link for exact words for 100 google results.

Kelime means word in Turkish and you need to write words there which you search.İşlemi Başlat means Begins Process so you can find where are you at Google.

FeedKiller:All feeds in One

Feedkiller is a useful Web 2.0 application.You can merge your feeds only one adress.There is no registration or fee.It is totaly free and fast.First you choose a name your feed that include all feeds and then you add your links to make one them.It can be used for your main blog to attract new visitors your new blog and making much money!!

Urlmetrix Check Your Web Popularity

Urlmetrix is a new web based Web 2.0 application that is powered by google app engines.You can check your google rank,backlinks or yahoo indexed.Your pages popularity and more can be found out bt this usefu application.

What Can You Check?

  • Title: ?
  • Google PageRank: ?
  • Alexa rank: ?
  • Compete rank: ?
  • Quantcast rank: ?
  • Technorati Rank: ?
  • Google Indexed: ?
  • Yahoo Indexed: ?
  • Google BackLinks: ?
  • Yahoo BackLinks: ?
  • Delicious Bookmarks: ?
  • Wikipedia External Links: ?
  • DMOZ Links: ?
  • Google Blog Search Links: ?
  • Technorati Blog Reactions: ?
are available for your checking.

Google has begun second page rank for 2008.As you now google use page rank to classified pages.First page rank change was made on first weeks of 2008 and estimated on april second page rank uptade would be made but google is updating page ranks.

It will be ended for 10 days later but your blog can be updated or will be.You can check your rank here

You know rapidshare.It lets you share your files on web free but if you use it free it takes time to download.There is many sites that distribute premium password but many of them is spam.

There is a way to get premium pass free.You just need to share your files and get points.On main page of rapid there is a freezone,click create your own rapid folder.You need to fill a form and create a folder that belongs to you.You upload your files to your folder and share your links.

İf someone download your files from your link you earn points and so get free premium pass to download unlimited and no wait.You can also upload your folders with Rapid Uploader that can be downloaded here.

Free link exchange had new trend with Entrecard and there is a brother for entrecard which is spottt is created by adbrite.I get their widget for my other blog and you can see it for my contest end and template changes i don't get for here.

Spottt is a free way to trade links that help like-minded websites promote each other that is created by adbrite.You will change 125x125 ads like entrecard.System work like that for every two times a Spottt is shown on your site, your Spottt will appear once on another site.

Your webpage and graphic need to meet a couple of simple qualifications:

  • Your page's content and graphic must be acceptable (no adult or inappropriate content)
  • The Spottt's placement on your site must be "above the fold" (within the first 850 pixels of your website)
  • You may not modify the Spottt HTML
  • You may only put one Spottt placement per page
  • Your website must be in English
You can change your ad spot with other blogs andpromote your blog..

Your blog will be on headline...........Fuelmyblog as you know create traffic to your blog but it make an offer that makes you crazy.Your blog will be located on usatoday's front page which get 10.4 million unique visitors.

It is actually 49$ for a month ad but you can win it.You subscribe on as new user.

Blog/Podcast Name
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Logo or Avatar

If you want the chance of winning 6 months FREE, write a blog post about fuel/podcaster, leave your link in the comments section, they'll pull TEN names out of a hat and each will win 6 months FREE!!!

Blogging is turning to a home based work.You can make money while you are sleeping or driving.Internet market is getting larger and larger.Cheap laptops projects and Asus Eee make poor people internet user and advertisement market wanna get them.

In europe,people use internet instead of TV.Television is dying and online kingdom is developing.New advertisement types and huge market make possible to earn money online.You can pay just your bill or buy car or be John Chow but there is a problem for new users.

How can you adapt this market and how can you penetrate inside.New bloggers don't like giving ads or spending money online but they wanna be rich.Entrecard is a good way to give free ad.You can get traffic and if you have unique and really good content it becomes easier to press money on your computer.You can read my advices.Entrecard create an interaction between bloggers and more effective than social bookmarking sites or Mybloglog.It does not tell your site it send user your blog and people decide your quality.It will be avaiable for non-english blog(i see some) and your blog open to world.No border no passport is necessary to be reached your blog.Entrecard make your name known on net.

Other problem is earning money.It is impossible for new user to make money more than 15 dollars in a month.Adsense or bidvertiser give money only for blogs which have wide-visitors.It is hard for first month 10 dollars on net if you are not lucky(like me).Adsense bring you 1-3 cent if there is no click but project wonderful is friend of new users.Best advertisement method for a blog is ad on other blogs but huge and good quality ad companies want much money than a blogger afford.Project wonderful is giving an opportunity to make money and cheap advertisement.I earned 2 dollars on project wonderful ads and bought 50 ads-most of them free or 1cent- in a week.If you make money on adsense or other big companies project wonderful is the key.

New users must use these two online chances.Traffic and money is coming from them they are best opportunity for new users and they are getting bigger and future of web.You can also establish blogs on them.Entrecard marketting is getting more popular and you can open an exchange and advices blog for entrecard.Entrecard banks is established but there are amateur and with a good outlook based on trust bank make great money.You can also give advices and more effective search engine for campaigns.I believe these two blog opps make great money if i have time i absolutely establish these business for a small budget.Don't forget they are becoming global and global markets make great money.

Review of Month

I have been blogging since a month and i almost reached my all targets.Only rss number is not enough for me but daily visitors is much more than my estimates.My blog reached 150 daily visitiors and good score for entrecard.I make money also for my working.There are my income and some liked writings.


Bidvertiser:0.25$(12 day)
Adbrite:0.32$(15 day)
Kontera:0.30$(15 day)
Project wonderful:0.45$(4 days)

500 Ec for advertisment on tech jaws

My Liked Writings

This is The CONTEST!!!

Increase Your Traffic With Facebook

Cut Your Blog With KWOUT

Generate Own Wordpress Template

Discover China

Draw Your Logo

Rounded Your Photo

Splashup Your Photos

Advices For Entrecard Users

Online Post It Generators

Online Ribbon Generators

Earn For Advertisement

Share Your Photo Earn Money

Free Seo Book-Seo Secrets

Catch CopyCats-Copyscape

Earn For Blogging-Blogsvertise

Money makers on internet is generally earn from blogging easily or the best advertisement on web is be blogged by cool sites.You can earn or attract new readers to your blog.Payperpost,Sponsoredreviews accept 3 months blogs and it is time wasting..

New bloggers like me must wait 3 month to begin reviewing sites or earn money.Blogsvertise accept sites or blogs new brand.They prefer blogs that have been around for 2 months and are in good standing with google. New blogs or qiuted blogs can be approved on a probationary status. It will be on probation for a limited time until it is 60 days old or is cached with google. Bloggers on probation get paid less per assignment.Wordpress account is not accept because it is forbidden on wordpress.

You will be paid by paypal after 30 days after your task has been approved.

  • We do not make payouts on holidays or weekends.
  • We support paypal payouts only. If you do not have paypal you cannot participate.
  • If your payout was sent to the wrong paypal address, check with paypal first to correct it.
  • As mentioned above payouts are made after 30 days. In some unusual cases there are slight delays during the course of normal business activity.
    It is not an automated payout system. Dont worry if you have done the task assigned to you, and its not paid on the 30th or 31st day, you will be paid.
Their payment rules is above.Google catched blogs is mostly accepted.Good content and time between two entry is important.You can look for free seo book and be accepted like me...

This is The CONTEST!!!

I held a contest that's not so good.There is a new and better contets.I think this is the contest.I will give many prizes.There is not only for 2 or 4 blogger prize.

What are the prizes??????

2 125x125 ad place(sidebar) for 15 days.

750 500 250 150 100 Ec for each winner

2 125x125 ad place(bottom) for 20 days

5 link spot 1 month

1 Ribbon ad 1 month

How can you join?

Dropped card is 1 ticket

comment 1 ticket

RSS subscription 5 tickets

Blog about contest 15 tickets

Join Bux3, Easy-ptr ,No minimum 20 ticket for each one

There will be 15 winner.Contest end up on 10-02-2008(21 days)
If you join contest Good luck.

Catch CopyCats-Copyscape

Blogging is becoming more popular day by day.Blog writers can make a good income on own blogs.Money make people carzy and many times good contented-blogs are copied and content theft make their revenue decrease.

You can warn theft or ask to closed tehft's blog to holder like blogger or wordpress.There is a problem that how can you find copied content.You can't search all net.It is absoluetly imposibble but like other there is a search engine to find COPYCATS.

Copyscape searches theft content.This engine find your url where is copied and how many words is copied.You can detect plagiarism and save your content and profit.You can use premuim account to get more accurate and deep search or free type is also in use.You can also use banner of copyscape as a presecurity.

Online plagiarism(CopyCats) exploits uniqe content creaters and get unfair income without any exertion.To protect your content and workings,be aware of copycats and make an action

My Top Entrecard Droppers

My top entrecard droppers is here.Thanks everyone who is dropped.You can check your url or by dropping your card be on here nex time. You can drop your card to them because they drop back and so your ad cost will increase

Dropper # of drops

Yimto 17

A Strange Life 11

Science Life 11

Fantasy Baseball 11

Dark is Easy 11

Jean Costa 9

.:CyberfiZZle:. 9

Inspiring Quotations 9 8

The Optimizer SEO News 7

Free Seo Book-Seo Secrets

Do you need a seo?As you know search engine optimization is getting more traffic.Absolutely,it is the main and important event to increase your traffic.With search engine optimization you can easily double, triple, or even quadruple that number yet seo means money.You have to pay for good quality seo and it can be too expensive for a blog.You need to have a good content,unique template.

If you love free item just like me ,you can be your seo.Over the 10 years Allen Harkleroad ,optimizing websites to search engines and now he give away his experiments with a book.Its name is seo secrets and totally 79 pages it have.The book contains seven information packed chapters covering the search engine secrets from start to finish.

* Chapter 1 - What SEO “Experts” Don’t Want You to Know
* Chapter 2 - Knowing Your Visitors
* Chapter 3 - A Search Engine Primer
* Chapter 4 - The Meat of SEO (How to do it)
* Chapter 5 - Referrals
* Chapter 6 - Website Content – Make It “Sticky”
* Chapter 7 - Putting it All Together - A roadmap to good SEO


Earn For Advertisement

Google announced page ranks you can check yours and see where are you on web.I have 0 and it is not surprise for a 15 day blog but i keep increasing my traffic extremely.I decide to giving some ads to get more traffic.

I believe that you can't earn money if you never pay.People afraid to spend money and want to earn up to 300-500$.Entrecard gives you free advertisement opportunity but you must buy ads.You can also pay with Ec.If you don't pay your money,you can earn it on web.There is many different types of it.Best opportunity is PTR.You can earn by reading mail.It is not a huge budget yet you can use your money to get more traffic your blog and it can turn to huge amounts.I introduce PTR sites that paid me in times.

First one is No-minimum.This site has 1$ paypal payout and nominimum for e-gold.They sent 0.1 cent mail and sign up section.You can earn by clicking.Daily you can earn 1-2 cent and it will increase with your downlines.You just spend 5 minute for a day but be aware cheat sites.Some sites send high paid mail but never pay.

1000$ Valued Contest

Contest on net is absolutly increase.Blogger who want to raise blog's traffic,hold a contest just like me but that is diffrent because its prizesBloggin-ads is giving 12 different gropu of prizes.You can earn a revie on yimto or ad space on google is not god.It is easy to join but you must get some tickets to win.Prizes values are 1000$ but not in cash

  • 3 ticket - Subscribe to via E-mail
  • 10 ticket - Post about this contest by using the post link and you must have all the groups and prize sponsors’ blog URLs in tact on your post
  • 1 ticket each - Post a comment on any one of the prize sponsors’ blog (Limit 5)
  • 1 ticket - Stumble/Digg this post (you must post a message on StumbleUpon/Digg)

*Group 1*

*Group 2*

*Group 3*

*Group 4*

*Group 5*

*Group 6*

*Group 7*

*Group 8*

*Group 9*

*Group 10*

*Group 11*

*Group 12*

Share Your Photo Earn Money

Internet world everyday gives opportunity to earn money while surfing.New earning style is photo sharing.Shareapic gives you money for showing your uploaded photo.You can upload whatever want you.It is also show your adsense.

Sharepic pay 0.22 dolar for 1000 viewes.It is not more but it will increase with site popularity.You just need to upload your photo and wait to earn.Every viewed photo gives you money.You can also refer new users and earn with them.Each time you refer a new user, you earn 10% of their image views,They pay by paypal or check.There is min checkout 20$ for paypal and 50$ for check.If you share over the net photo you will earn much more.

Check Your Google Page Rank

Good day everybody.Google announced new page ranks for 2008.You can check yours,did it increase or decrease.To learn your PR Click here

Free Entrecard Logo Design

It has finally finished.I redesigned my blog outlook and hope you to like that one.You now i wrote about entrecard 3 days ago.I said that "Never use logos that are supied by Entrecard.Todays blog writers begin to reject that blogs.You must create your own logo and upload it.You can read Queeky,Splashup".There is an other opportunity that design your logo for free.

Digital Lounge offers you a free logo design.You just subscribe his feed and blog about free logo offer just like me.It is so easy and i really like his design.You can reach samples and users of his designs and i am sure you will like them

My First Contest-Prize 1 Ribbon 4 Link Ads

It became 10 days that i started writing on web.I quited blogging 6 monts before and now just review widgets or sites.My traffic extremely increased(Over the my guesses).I have a 120-150 daily visitor and for 10 day blog it is enough and good.I want to improve my blog and increase my traffic as all blog writer.

There is no need to write long word salads.I am holding contest and give free ad opportunity.I try to change my template and so i can't give ad space.As prizes,i decided to give for one blog ribbon ad and for 4 blogs link ad.You just need to subscribe rss and comment.Ads will be available for 2 weeks and winner will be announced on 18 jan.If you join my contest good luck.

Web 2 provides us ribbons.Ribbons locate over the pages generally right side.They are post it of web2.Ribbons will redound quality of your page.You can have extra Ad space(You can advertise here) and for special days you can celebrate your visitors with your ribbons.It must be easier than changing your template.When you search ribbon on google you can find 2 generators and it will be time wasting to find your requirements.There are ribbon generator reviews.

Quick Ribbon:Generator supplies 4 types of ribbons(rounded,square,postal,minimal) You can choose different colors and much more fonts.Ribbons are divided 3 part to variegate your ribbon.There is a palet and color variety is great if you are a good designer,your place is here.You can also change your font's color.You just need to add code before your <-/head> code.

Ribbon Generator: This site provides you 20 different types of ribbons.You can not choose your color of ribbon yet you can change color of fonts and there is also many type of fonts.If you beginner on web you can prefer this one.

If you like one of them or find new one tell me to review

Online Post It Generators

Post it is one of the biggest invantion on last century.You can use post it also on your pages.It can be used for ad space or a contest announcement.There is a only two post it generators online.You can write whatever you want and post it on your page.They are not only easy-usage but also bring in quality to your blog.It is cool for outlook of blog.

Note Generator =First one is note generator.In this site,4 types of post it is available.You can select color whatever you like.There is a disadvantage of generator.You only can select 9 font and punto selection is not available.There are samples

SIGN GENERATOR=This is the other one.You have 5 types of post it.You can choose font but can't change colour of the text.You can also change punto of letters.For me;disadvantages of this generator are non-color type of writing and included site url.Every post it have site url and that make this generator useless.